Saturday 29 November 2014

A spot of hunting ....

The King and the Field Marshall, with an escort of horse grenadiers, arrive at the King's hunting lodge in the forest some 10 miles from Wittenberg.
After a restful evening and night they head out hunting. They have a good day and have already shot five deer and two wild boar. Late in the afternoon while stalking a herd of deer they reach a small clearing, staring defiantly at them is a white hart ....
 The King in awe of this beautiful and brave animal, declines to shoot it and lets it go off into the forest.


  1. I Love the entry to the hunting lodge...Bill

  2. Superb hunting lodge,I hope we will see more of it.

  3. Ditto the above,a great entrance to the lodge. Stout fellow the king, sparing The White Hart.

  4. A typical scenery as I know such from paintings of the 18. century - a castle in the pard, gentlemen approaching, beautiful ladies awaiting an amusement in the afternoon... Well done!