Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wittenberg - Royal Sleigh - work in progress

had a quick bash with some cardboard and wire yesterday to make a sleigh for the King and Queen, seen below with a spare driver and horse
still needs work doing to it to provide some more detail etc then it can be painted ready for a run on the snow (I'm building up some winter scenics - white blanket and some fir trees with a dusting of snow).


  1. Great sleigh.I have a photocopy of an old print of lots of small sleighs going around a German town in winter.Sleigh racing with ornate 18th century sleighs( saw an amazing one in the catherine the great exhibition in the museum earlier this year/last year) would be a fun modelling project...

  2. Splendid...I can almost hear the jingling traces and bells.