Saturday, 21 December 2013

40mm: Wittenberg - Garrison troops for Vanderhof

General Waldebeck inspects the newly raised garrison troops for the city of Vanderhof.....
[Garrison troops: Uniform based on that of the Waldheim invalid company of the Duchy of Saxony; Figs: are from Front Rank 40mm Hessian AWI range, with the standard bearer a converted Creartec homecast]


  1. Lovely brushwork! Great uniforms too. Lately, I've become very interested in digging up uniforms worn by various militias, town guards, etc. during the mid-18th century. Fascinating stuff. Where did you find information on these particular uniforms?

    Best Regards,


    1. I have a copy of the 'Saxon Army of the Austrian War of Succession and the Seven Years War' by Stephen Summerfield; which includes the uniforms of the invalid/garrison companies. There is some info on the Project SYW website for some countries, otherwise you'll have to dig about on the net.


      -- Allan

  2. Thanks Allan! I suspected that might be a possibility. The book you mention is actually on my Christmas last this year, so we'll see if it turns up under the tree on Christmas Morning.

    Best Regards and Compliments of the Season,