Friday, 8 February 2013

Project - an 18C coach from a 'Wild-West' stagecoach

A short intermission from the siege of Fausignac, for a little post on a recent project.
I was given a 'Wild-West' stagecoach - this had potential to be converted to a more 18C style one so I did a trial assembly of parts.
The coach body rode a little high so I squashed down the springs to lower it; I made a new roof from card. Assembled with revised baggage arrangement at the back ...
A couple of shots of the finished coach
back to the siege ....


  1. Is the coach 28mm or 40mm? Who makes it? You did a nice job on the assembly.

    1. the coach is a 28mm one made by Dixon Miniatures (code is STG1a/b)

  2. Well done! Looks to me like the sort of coach that might travel along post roads carrying passengers from the general public.