Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pelardon: asking Zomverre for assistance ...

The Duke of Pelardon's daughter has reached the capital of Zomverre - she has a meeting with the Duke to ask for help ...
The Duke assures her he will do what he can to help her father; he turns to his generals and asks when assistance can be given..
General von Messing responds that the troops from the Duchy of Fenwick in ducal pay, stationed in the south of the country, can be on the move in a few days time, the rest of the army could be mustered in a couple weeks - after discussion the Duke orders the general to send the Fenwick troops to Moussignac in Pelardon and do what they can to help - the rest of the army to muster to the south of Zomverre's capital in and around Dijkswold.


Meanwhile back at Fausignac, over the last few days the Monrovian infantry and engineers have been busy; most of the line of circumvalliation has been finished despite a small sorty from the east gate which was pushed back quickly by Monrovian cavalry.

The Volontaires De Noverre, stand ready ...
The large siege gun lets loose a few ranging shots against the defences of Fausignac ....


  1. Its all coming together very nicely. Looking forward to the forlorn hope.

  2. Looking great ,I can't wait for the action to continue...

  3. Looking very nice, great work on the first two pictures!