Saturday, 2 June 2012

Simple Roads ...

I've been trying to find the best way to make some roads for my 18C gaming; I opted to try some fabric; I found a suitable green fabric at my local Hobbycraft which is close enough to my gaming table covering, and bought a one metre length. I cut a 3 inch wide strip off and painted on some cart/wheel ruts using a light brown paint - a couple of shots of a trial road section ..

I like it nice and simple, so will go into production.


  1. Very effective method for minor roads and cart tracks. For something a little more 'king's Highway'-ish, I use the sheets of 'grit paper' for lining bird cages.

    Quite cheap from pet shops, and I just cut them to roughly 35mm widths. Some curved sections are necessary, but one can be fairly sparing about these.

  2. I've been using some fabric roads myself. The best way to cut them is with a fabric cutting wheel (used for quilting) - cost around £8 but you get nice straight edges with a ruler and no fraying.


  3. My former roads (still have them yet not used so often) were made of 'pleather' (a sort of plastic leather) used in furniture manufacture. I was able to get pieces from an upholstery place for nothing.

    Now I used old pieces of brown corduroy from an old corduroy coat that had worn out and got paint splashed on it.

    Cut into small strips the pieces work great!

    I have also seen folks use painters masking tape for both roads and rivers, as you can get the tape in a variety of colors, tans browns etc as well as blue.