Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter from the Kingdom of Wittenberg

Its a busy time with arrivals at the palace for the Easter celebrations; there seems to be a hold up ...
A bit of queue develops on the drive up to the palace; the reason for the hold-up is that the King has made time from his busy schedule to check the completed improvements to the front portico (a sunburst in the pediment and a low wall across the front ..
A little later and the King and some of his guests enjoy the music of the guard band and a small parade of palace guard ...



  1. I was expecting a festive traditional scene of the Elector pelting his inmates, err, citizens, with gaily painted exploding easter eggs!

  2. Splendid stuff indeed-Palace looks stunning in the Spring sunlight.
    Happy Easter from all @ Tradgardland.

  3. Hi

    Will front rank 40mm heads fit on Prince August figures ?

    Did you buy the heads separately ?



  4. Mark

    I had quick check - the Front Rank AWI hessian fusiler head doesn't look to out of place on a Prince August figure; I presume you have a regiment of fusiliers in mind

    As far as I'm aware Front Rank do not sell the heads separately. You get 3 per figure, I bought 4 figs to get 12 heads, as I had 4 tricorne spare heads for them already.

    Wouldn't hurt to make an enquiry to Front Rank though