Friday, 17 April 2009

Grand Designs (6) - The Palace Door

I've finished off the central section of the palace for my diorama; the palace door will be partly obscured by the columns of the portico so here is a picture of the door (the moulding above the door was sourced from a local dolls house shop).

The door is painted onto the low relief building section made of foam board. I have to finish the portico and assemble the rest of the palace on the diorama shelf.

The rest of the palace diorama is coming along nicely, the original building with viewing baclony now looks out over a larger 'parade' ground area; and the palace garden section is completed altough will probably need some additions.

All wiil be revealed when the complete diorama is finished.


  1. Super door - I look forward to more soon I hope!
    Hope you are continuing to feel better!
    best wishes

  2. Glad to see you feeling better.

    The door looks very imposing almost like the great doors at Blenheim Palace!

    we look forward to many plots being hatched behind them.


  3. I agree, excellent work! Looking forward to future pics with the completed project.