Saturday, 15 March 2008

40mm - Wittenberg Garrison Company

A company of garrison troops on the march to meet up with a detachment of jagers. These boys will be used in a skirmish game - which will involve them trying to find and eradicate brigands in a wooded area.

[Figs: Foot Officer - Front Rank; Mounted officer and Standard Bearer - cast from moulds; the rest Irregular Miniatures].


  1. They look good . . . and, oddly enough, I've become a bit curious about 40mm figures lately (possibly for ECW), although the price scares me a bit.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hello Allan,

    Sorry to hear about your back, and I hope things have eased a bit. STill, it looks like you have managed to get some nice work completed. Your garrison company and sentry boxes, in particular, are great additions to you collection. Well done!

    Best Regards (and speedy recovery),