Saturday, 17 October 2020

Down town Wittenberg ....

 I recently invested in a 3'x3' cobblestone game mat from Deep Cut Studios. I had long wanted to do a sort of down town Wittenberg setup so I started putting down buildings and added in my civilian figures as well..

After a bit of fiddling about and using up all my suitable buildings I managed to get a layout I liked on the mat....

A couple of closer in views ...

I am planning to have a small solo game, where the the tunnels under Wittenberg are investigated - town setup on one side of the table and the other is going to be underground entrance and passageway sections on a black surface... 


  1. That mat is very effective , looking forward to the game .

  2. Downtown Wittenberg looks great! Seems well-populated and prosperous.

    The tunnel investigation sounds like a good premise for a solo game.

  3. Terrific stuff! Will your dungeon crawl be called Perils & Periwigs perchance?

  4. Inspirational! A great tabletop look.

  5. Really looks good. Google Frome tunnels if you don't know about them already... Might get a few ideas