Saturday, 18 January 2020

What the bells ?

continued from the previous post ....


Red Jack and his men hurried through a wooded area towards the river Oudear for a rendezvous with a boat to take the stolen golden bells to Monrovia.  As they passed an old ruined building the cart with the bells in hit a tree root and tipped over spilling the load on the ground. After righting the cart one of the men noticed one of the bells was damaged.. the looked closer it was made of lead and gold paint
 Red Jack gave the bell a desultory kick...  and gave a hearty chuckle. We'll lads we've been duped. Load 'em up - we'll pass them off to the Monrovians or lose them as we cross the river ..


Meanwhile in Glockstein a coach and cart had arrived in one of St Tyrian's abbey courtyards (they had been escorted by some jagers via a different route). A gentleman stepped down from the coach, introduced himself to the abbot as Georg von Duzberg from the Duchy of Fenwick and said I have two bells for you from the Duke ....
 The cover of the rear wagon was removed ro reveal the two gold covered bells ....


  1. Very good plot twist!
    Bill P.

  2. Are those llamas pulling the cart? Maybe faster than bullocks or horses?

  3. Entertaining story, very creative.