Saturday, 3 August 2019

at Tantozi ....

Von Hazant's brigade, joined by some land militia and a detachment of jagers reached Tantozi without sighting the Begovians.  The troops were deployed to block the road into the town. Von Hazant took station in the churchyard with the land militia, the two infantry regiments were placed in the centre and the jagers on the other flank.


  1. Is there any word from the main army as to when it will arrive? Or if it will arrive?

  2. BTW, has the mounted land militia been deployed to check on the possible Begovian approach?

  3. Has Von Hazant deployed explosives in order to blow the bridge if it looks like he is going to be overrun? One good thing - the congestion in the village should blunt the enemy cavalry by preventing it from deploying.