Sunday, 31 March 2019

Begovian infiltrate the border ....

A small group of Begovians have crossed the border into the Zinzendorf province, scouting possible routes for further raids ...
[new unit - painted up the converted figures from a couple of posts ago]


  1. Well done!

    I wasn't fully convinced that the castings could be salvaged but you have done it!

  2. Meanwhile one of the King's foresters has managed to not only spot the interlopers but has sent back word to the local dragoon outpost for help. However, he has a few friends in the nearby villages on whom he can count for help. Will there be an exchange of gunfire?

  3. What are those trees? I love them. They remind me of the trees in the seminal 'Charge! Or how to play wargames'.

    1. I had a look at my copy of Charge - the trees appear to be some of the smaller Britains 1/32 plastic trees (like the Apple tree)

      The plastic trees in the picture of this post, shows two Britains trees and some smaller ones for which I have been unable to determine the manufacturer.