Friday, 7 September 2018

On Watch ...

An eagle eyed observer on a watch tower near the Begovian border has spotted something and calls his officer.
The officer checks the area on out with his telescope...  he can see a small party of horsemen ...
the officer writes brief report and arranges for it to be sent to army HQ.


Over the next few days reports trickled back to the Wittenberg army HQ in Portoki of more sightings of small parties of Begovian troops near the border -


  1. All very shifty - good move building that watch tower!

  2. Did the watch tower commander send back word? Have you begun marshalling the militia? Will you be sending some of your own light cavalry to the border? It would be good to take a Belgovian prisoner or two who might be "persuaded" to divulge what they know of their army's goings-on.