Wednesday, 21 March 2018

pruning the tree ...

not another post about the palace garden ... 

Looking back through my blog history archive ( ~850 posts, over nearly 11 years) - there is a lot of dross - so it will be removed -  I will keep the best bits. The aim is to keep the game reports, posts supporting the campaign PDFs, key story lines and useful modelling stuff.

Update (22/03). Finished trawling through the posts; trimmed down now to ~720 posts; with labels applied as needed for Palace, Modelling, Game_Report and Sculpt&Cast. Spring clean ended 😀


  1. Your right, your blog, but sometimes it is the offhand stuff that provides someone else the spark that they need, whether at time of posting or years later. Is there a storage limit set by the host at play here? Just my two bits. Keep on gaming *and blogging*.

    1. just having a tidy up and a go through and get things labelled up as needed.

    2. Labels are the thing. Cheers mate.