Saturday, 13 January 2018

Making a Merchants house....

The last of the buildings needed for a large harbour area - a basic merchants house...

A basic was structure made from foamboard, with a cardboard roof; the front and back of the building with shaped gables were cut from cardboard, and fixed on ....
I added a little wood filler to cover the side joins, once dry it was sanded and then the walls painted ....
For the roof I used printed paper tile sheet; windows and doors were culled from various images and printed out. Windows and doors were stuck onto the building as needed. Front and back views ...
 and of course on the waterfront ...


  1. Wonderful! One of my favorite structures.

    Best Regards,


    1. of the three buildings done for the harbour, I like this one the best as well - easier to build and simple to finish off

  2. Excellent work! I really like the curvy end pieces. Very fitting.

    Now I just need to sit down and make some buildings myself, and your examples are inspiring me to get to work!


  3. A lovely little building. Reminds me of one in my home town of Boston. It's opposite the 'Stump' (Parish Church of St.Botolph) and was used as a German guardhouse or some such in the film "One of our airplanes is missing", which was filmed in the area. Those of us from there can recognise many of the localities used as Dutch landscape.