Monday, 4 September 2017

Wittenberg River marines - new row boats...

The river marines,  try out their new row boats ...
[Britannia Miniatures naval row boats with modified crews]


  1. Allan, when I saw this upload I could not help but think of the Eton Boating Song.

  2. Or this song,slightly changed-
    "They sail the river blue and their saucy ships are beauties..."

  3. Or this song,slightly changed-
    "They sail the river blue and their saucy ships are beauties..."

  4. I am really enjoying the boat/marine trend you are on.
    Do you find painting duplicates (i.e. rowers that also need a figure that is in "action") to be tedious?

    1. I'm used to painting multiples of the same figure for larger units, it can be tedious at times - if it gets too much I work on something else for a change and then get back to them.

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