Friday, 24 February 2017

40mm: Light cannon for the Pandours

I'd wanted to have a light cannon for the pandours for a while, I recently got this lot of plastic figures off Ebay which are about 40/45mm.
The cannon was what I wanted and a couple of the other figures are convertable. A new set of wheels for the cannon, using some small Lego ones ...
One of pandours which did have a partizan gets converted to hold a sponge and the plastic figure gets a porte-fire and a new head..
 a pin for a sword and a head for this officer ....


I had a couple of pandour figures whose hand positions were suitable for pulling the cannon ...
 deployed and ready to fire ...
with the rest of the pandours on manouvres ....


  1. This is absolutely terrific! You never cease to amaze with your acquisitions and conversions. Well done, sir> Well done, indeed!

  2. Well done! I'm familiar with the official release of these figures in 54mm and 20mm but have never seen these versions, presumably oriental knock offs. I'm jealous!

    They blend right in with your 40's and the whole lot look great.

  3. Allan. The Cannon certainly looks the part - as does your Pandour - well done! Cheers. KEV.

  4. Some splendid work there, Allan. And a very suitable unit for 40mm skirmish games too.