Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Stream Sections ...

The 'Battlefield in a Box' stream sections I got for Xmas have been reworked to match in my scenic setup. Initially I made a section out of card to represent the start of the stream
 Then all the sections were painted to have green banks and a light brown stream bed
 After that suitable brown streaks were added to the stream bed and some green dabs and streaks to represent watery plants ..
 The bed of each of the stream sections was given 5 coats of gloss acrylic varnish; with a few tufts of grass added. A setup on the table....

With the stream sections now done I have to re-juvenate the river sections...


  1. Nice work. What scale is this, please?
    I am wondering if the big oak in the background is a Britains 1:32 and the figures 54mm?

    1. Figures are 28mm, and the tree is a Britains one - but not made up to full height

    2. Thanks. The tree works well :0)

  2. Fits in well with the current scenery...well done.