Monday, 20 June 2016

New table surface (3)...

What I thought would be an easy job, turned out to be a lot more work. The old table top made from Contiboard rested on a wood frame;  once I started dismantling it I found the frame and the board sections held each other together ! (I made it quickly 9 years ago, what a bodge :) )
 I was left with part of a frame which was useful, so yesterday I had to add to it to get a decent frame for the table ....
Today the frame was made a bit more robust and the top skin of 3mm MDF is going on...
In the next couple of days I plan to cover the table with an underlay of felt and then the new playing surface on top of that ....


  1. Great project, how large is you war table...Bill

    1. the table is 3ft by 7ft6in; once the surface is done I will add the backscenes to the side and back - helps with 'illusory depth'

  2. Hi, great job! I admire you with all the effort you needed to put into this. By the way, do you know where I can get laminate flooring aberdeen done well and cheap? I just moved in here and I have no idea who I should choose.