Wednesday 23 March 2016

40mm: Jagers to get some extra firepower (figure conversions ...)

This post shows the conversions I have done for the last of my 'special' items planned for my 40mm Wittenberg Army. The jagers will receive some extra firepower,
  • an amusette like the ones from Perry 28mm AWI range
  • a piece of light artillery being pulled along and also being fired
The amusette was the easiest to do, so the figures have been done by converting the kneeling poses from the S&S AWI jagers pack- and a spare large musket from a 60mm figure which was suitable.
Chap firing 'long musket' and his assistant...
with a mantlet made from card, hibachi skewer and plastic wheels ...

I made up a light gun, with parts from the spares bits box and some wire.  I converted two figures for crew when deployed and a chap to pull the gun along with his hands drilled out so the gun can be slotted in and removed.

Being pulled along ...
Ready to fire ....
better get these painted !.....


  1. I think that you need to add a trail to the mantle otherwise how would it stand up on its own?

  2. That's one serious looking musket! Some very nice conversions.