Thursday, 18 February 2016

Engineers start work near Hofheim....

Some work is being carried out to improve the roads around Hofheim in the north-west of the Hoflandt. The bulk of the work will be carried out by the Wittenberg army engineers.

The survey team is checking the alignment and will start pegging out shortly
 Engineers leave their camp, a long days work awaits them ....

[new items:
1. The survey team, converted Creartec homecasts with Front Rank heads.
2. Chaps with wheelbarrow and handcart, converted Creartec homecasts with Sash & Sabre heads.]


  1. Nice work on the figures! Excellent additions to your armies and whatnot.

  2. A busy day ahead for these fellows.A good plan to improve the road network. Just the sort of thing an exponent of Enlightened Despotism would do.
    great figures and paraphernalia- you continue to inspire us here in Tradgardland.

  3. Excellent engineers.... a great little scene as they troop to work.

  4. New roads?
    Outstanding, that should cut my commute in half! this the lead in to new scenic items?

    Great figures, great scene