Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Jewel of Mahadur: the King visits the treasury

continued from the previous post ....

Count Herman oversaw the movement of the strongbox containing the jewel to the treasury, he then sent a servant to to find the King.

The servant hurried through to the rear of the palace and out into the formal gardens
Pardon me may I get past please

He hurried on past the men at work...
At last he reached the terrace ...

 Excuse me your Majesty, the jewel has arrived, Count Herman has it secured in the treasury

Once the King had finished his inspection of the new completed works in the formal gardens he went straight to the treasury where he viewed the fabulous jewel of Mahadur - it glinted in the light and appeared to look four times it actual size.

[formal palace gardens, include some recent additions: side walls, a couple of statues, and the terrace with its side pavilions]


  1. Alan, the work on the gardens is coming on nicely, and I love the lion statue.

  2. The new gardens looking fine , good weather must have helped with the work !, Tony