Sunday, 8 March 2015

En route ....

The Vicomte de Chazelles, commander of the Volontaires de Noverre, leads his men onwards...
he has sent a courier to take a message to Count Pottensdorf of the Saxe-Jarlsberg army to inform him that the troops from Noverre will reach the rendezvous point two days later than planned ....

[ the men from Noverre have just arrived - picked up 3 lots of PA figures off Ebay, some re-basing needed and the full corps will appear in due course (2 squadrons of cavalry and a regiment of infantry to do)]


  1. Saw those on Ebay - glad to see they have gone to a good home !, Tony

    1. They were so nicely painted and were just right to make up my Freikorps from Noverre - couldn't resist :)