Sunday, 1 February 2015

To Vanderhof and beyond ....

continued from the previous post ... ( figures used change from 28mm to 40mm, part way through)

Steffen Hofler had left Ottenheim a couple of days ago and had stayed overnight in Oberstein, setting out the next day on the last leg of his journey to Vanderhof.

 After a couple of hours he reached the top of a small hill and could see Vanderhof in the distance; he took out his spy-glass for a closer look ...
 Arriving late in the afternoon at Vanderhof he found some accomodation for the night.. The next morning he went up to the army HQ to report for duty.
 The adjutant to General Waldebeck welcomed him and checked his papers ...
 The adjutant showed him a map of the Hoflandt and apprised him in outline of the military situation and gave him his initial orders....
 The Hoflandt is surounded by a range of hills, there are three principle routes through, Saxe-Jarlsberg holds the two southerly ones at Karlebach and Dashagen, while we hold the other in the north-east at Hofheim.  General Waldebeck and the regular troops are based at Montberg, Count Boritzy's freikorps is at Hofheim. You will join your regiment at Marianstadt and have it ready for inspection in two weeks, after which you will march to join the Count's freikorp.

The next day he set off, wearing his new Colonel's uniform,  joining a small convoy of supplies on its way east to Montberg...
Two days later, late in the afternoon he arrived at Marianstadt and located the camp of his regiment ..


  1. A smart new uniform. I love the Inn model, very picturesque.

  2. Lovely pictures as always - I particularly like the man up the ladder!

  3. I love the camp scene, it reminds of an old Heyde toy soldier camp set.

  4. I am looking forward to reading/seeing more of his adventures.

    -- Jeff

  5. Nothing like a new uniform to put a spring in your step...Bill