Monday 25 August 2014

40mm: Regular Infantry Regiments for Wittenberg

I've finished the last two infantry regiments that I had, increased to 45 figs (from 30);  on the march and deployed...

 The two regiments are in Duchy of Saxony uniforms ( or more in the style of..). Regiment at the back is the fusilier regiment before they got their fusilier caps, and at the front Prinz Maximilian.

[ The bulk of the regiments are home cast from the Creartec grenadier moulds, with Creartec artillery heads (rear regiment) and Sash & Sabre heads (front regiment); some of the command figures are sourced from Irregular Miniatures and Front Rank with suitable head swaps applied.

This leaves just new units to paint and the cavalry to sort out. Will be doing the converged grenadier battalion for the above two regiments next.]


  1. Wow, these fellow look very impressive. Well done.

  2. Very impressive, Allan. Keep them coming.

    -- Jeff

  3. Dear Allen,
    Absolutely wonderful stuff! How large will the converged grenadier battalion be? Will you have any light infantry? These figures look absolutely on point for the period.
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

    1. The converged grenadier battalion will be 24figs+4officers. Will be adding some light infantry later on to my small Friekorps - another 24 figs battalion probably of Pandours