Thursday, 10 July 2014

40mm: re-organisation in motion...

I've started on my 40mm collection re-vamp, firstly I converted some artillery crew from tricorne wearers to a sort of furry grenadier hat - these will end up as Freikorps artillery.
 Next I made up a list of all the units existing and planned, then did a list of all the items I had to cast, then embarked on a couple of long sessions of casting (just had enough metal for what I wanted to do); the gaming table got used as my workshop ....
 One result of all my casting, a new grenadier battalion using the new Prince August prussian moulds.
I found the new PA moulds for the prussian infantry easy to use, giving good results - occasionally a little trouble getting the separate heads to cast.


  1. I haven't got round yet to buying the new moulds , but the results look good

  2. Good work. I find those little stoves just don't get the metal hot enough once the thermostat kicks in, so I have to do casting in the kitchen.

    1. I've been 'banned' from casting in the kitchen, so I have to make do with the hotplate - as you say sometimes the metal isn't quite hot enough and you get poor flow and the odd bad cast.

    2. Allan

      I gave up with the hotplate years ago, I use my trusty milk saucepan i always with back door open and extractor fan full blast. (Painted figures only go in when the boss is out and cannot see what I am doing)