Tuesday, 10 June 2014

fiddlesticks !! techno intrusion

I've just been notified by my ISP that my e-mail address will not be supported by Google for access to Google accounts from June 16th; this is due to Google doing some upgrades and as my ISP e-mail address is used to access mail hosted by Google for my ISP it will clash with by blogger access (I thinks that's the jist of it)   aargh !! (and other expletives).

From what I've found out this means my access to blogger may be affected - I'm not taking any chances and I've just finished allowing my google e-mail address to be used to access all my blogs. So I have the correct access rights now and a fab new google+ account to play with.

Just for info to transfer access on a blog to a new E-Mail address, I did the following
  • Sign in to blogger on my original e-mail addres.
  • In blog Settings - Basic -Permissions, added the new access e-mail to the Blog Authors and send invite.
  • Sign out of blogger .
  • In your new Email accept the Invite, then when its shows the blog in your new account - sign out.
  • Sign in to blogger on your original e-mail address.
  • In blog Settings - Basic -Permissions, Blog Authors change the new e-mail address to Admin access.
  • Sign out of blogger.
  • Sign in to blogger with the new e-mail address and check the permissions are admin
What a palaver - normal service will be resumed following this techno intrusion as I have a game report to post - so a there will be a couple of posts - a scene setter and then the game report.


  1. Hope you are successful with your battle with blogger - I wasn't ! - because I was away on holiday at the time I missed the opportunity to swap and have had to restart my blog - not being able to post on the original ! - VERY annoying !!!!

    1. The notification E-Mail I received gave me a week's notice - luckily I had just come back from holiday and was able to act on it - so far using my new access E-mail ssems to be Ok