Sunday 28 April 2013

A night out ...

The young Marquess of Kronstadt had arranged with Brother James to go into the city of Wittenberg for the evening ....
Have you seen Brother James ?
Ah yes, he's in the garden ..

Marquess: There you are Brother James, shall we set off  ?
Br. James: Oh certainly ..
They take a coach into the city

On arrival, a brisk walk down Konigstrasse

Into the Kurfursten arms for a drink to start the evening off
(Br. James has coffee, he's not supposed to drink)

After a little walk,  they pause
Marquess: Where next ?
Br James: I know, the Blue Nun. We can watch a card game or somesuch ..

At the Blue Nun, they watch the card games
(and a have another drink or two - this time Br James has a small sherry) 

Next up the Guild House - a good place to spend the evening ...

It was along evening and they spent a lot of money and perhaps drank more than they should have (especially Brother James).

The next morning, one of the ladies of the court reported the sound of raucous singing to one of the palace guards - who dutifully reported it to the officer on duty.
After some investigation, the source of the singing was located; the palace guard found Brother James and the poor worse for wear Marquess.
The officer tactfully quietened down Brother James and the two of them were taken to the guard house to sleep it off.


  1. Love it! It has the feel of a Brother Cadfael story or Foyle's War. . . sort of.

    Best Regards,


  2. Coffee! ... The rascal!!

    Kind regards, Chris.

  3. Absolutely shocking that the Marquess and Brother James were hauled off to the guardhouse rather than being loaded discretely into a carriage and sent to their lodging. Shameful!

    All society is apparently still very pretty to look at but......


  4. A salutary tale on the evils of strong liquors. Most entertaining thanks.

  5. excellent story and scenery and figures and all! Seems like you've added quite a bit to your collection.

  6. I always enjoy stoppong by your realm, it is a great source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing...

  7. *Strengthened* (Irish, maybe?) coffee, obviously.
    An excellent short photo-novella replete with eye-candy, as usual.

  8. Rather laugh with the sinners than cry with saints
    The sinners have much more fun
    Cuz only the good die young.