Sunday, 17 March 2013

Painting Interlude - Horse Grenadiers

For a break from the campaign in Pelardon I turned to work on 10 miscellaneous WSS Foundry cavalry I picked up at a local Toy & Train fair recently.
Also a kettle drummer (rider only) which I immediately used to replace the one in use for my mounted guard band, seen below waiting painting plus some headgear from Creartec 40mm grenadiers
A while and some work finished off 6 figures converted to horse grenadiers ...
Out with the paintbrushes and an enoyable few sessions to finish them off; first off the chap with pistol (possible highwayman ?) and one left as bought but with a few touch-ups...
The trumpeter ....
The kettle drummer takes his place at the head of the mounted guard band ...
and finally my favourite the squadron of horse grenadiers for the Wittenberg guard cavalry


  1. Agreed. The term "Fetching" comes to mind.

    Best Regards,


  2. Excellent work, ditto the horse grenadiers.