Sunday, 23 October 2011

40mm: Howitzer

Troops from the newly inherited province of Zinzendorf have been assigned to join General Waldebeck's army in the south. The first to arrive is a company of artillery and a howitzer.

Uniform is not historical, I liked the colour combo of yellow ochre, red with black facings. Howitzer is from the Matthias Manke Toy Soldier range with wheels replaced with Lego plastic ones, crew is Sash & Sabre with Front Rank heads.


  1. Gorgeous uniforms, associating nicely with the blue and bronze of the piece!
    In Provence a specially good invented story / tale is said to 'deserve to be true'. The uniforms may be un-historical,but fully deserve to be put on display: Se non e vero e ben trovato.

  2. I like the color combo for the uniforms, too. Nice gun, and nice work on the wagon in the previous post as well!