Saturday, 11 September 2010

40mm: Saxe-Jarlsberg Border Wars (extra Artillery for Both Sides)

Both sides have taken a break from the border wars in the south. Saxe-Jarslberg has drawn back allowing Wittenberg to take control of the Hoflandt region (as ceded by the treaty of Witzend). The Herzog of Saxe-Jarlsberg is in discussion with his counterpart in Hesse-Limburger over their next move. Meanwhile Count Pottsendorf, commander of the Saxe-Jarslberg army, reviews his newly expanded artillery contingent.

A new battery of Wittenberg artillery is on the march to join their forces in the south.
[figs: A mix of Irregular Miniatures, plus castings from Creartec and Nürnberger Meisterzinn moulds]

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