Friday, 5 March 2010

Discussions and Entertainments ...

King Leopold and Count Hermann have just spent a long day discussing important business, the King asks the Count a passing question or two before he leaves ... 

King: Count, how are the things going with regard to our treaty to supply troops for Brittania to serve overseas ?
Count: Very well, the recruits for the three battalions of infantry left today, they join with another one from Fenwick and then travel on foot or river barge via Zomverre, to Hanover and then on to the low countries - there to take ship for their destinations. I believe most of them will end up in the armies of the East India Company.
King: What about the ships we were to finance ?
Count: The merchants have collected and transferred the monies to Brittania and the ships will be fitted out; one for the navy in the Carribean and two for the East India Company, they have agreement to name the ships: Prince Albert (after your son), Leopold and Katerina after you and your wife.
King: Excellent ! I expect it will be some time before we hear news of their adventures.
Count: By the way your majesty Mademoiselle De Givenchy has returned from one of her trips, the intelligence she gathered has been most beneficial, she has told me that our agents are in place in Stagonia and keeping an eye on the movements of their army.
King: That is good news, we must know what is happening in Stagonia. Goodbye Count, give my best wishes to your wife ....

After working hard all day the King relaxes with his wife and some of the court, listening to the music of the guard foot and mounted bands...


  1. What a wonderful band! I see all is well in Wittenberg...

  2. Excellent bands and great pics! Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about adventures in distant lands.