Saturday, 26 September 2009

Brigands !

A little solo game using 40mm figs. The supply train encounters brigands on the way south ....

--- 0Xo ---

The supply train leaves Rottenhausen (after spending the night there); they are halfway to Vanderhof ...

They make good progress and start to slow up a bit as the day goes on ...

Brigands ! shouts the supply train commander, form up !

The garrison troops form a hasty line to protect the supply train from the brigands who are nearly upon them ...

The two sides exchange fire and a few are hit on both sides. Things are looking tricky for the supply train ....

What, who's this - its the Kings Jager company commanded by Captain Scharfe. They have been traking the progress of the supply train and looking out for an attack by brigands, they emerge from the woods ....

The accurate fire of the Jagers fell many of the nearby brigands....

The brigands attacking the supply column realise the danger they are in and start to turn ...

The brigands having suffered heavy casualties make a run for it ....

Afterwards ..
The Kings Jager company follow up and pick a few more brigands off , then return to escort the supply train to Vanderhof.


  1. Those brigands may be on the run but it looks like they got away with a few pennies at least! Great stuff as always.


  2. Ha, bait and trap, eh?
    Obviously the brigands didn't post proper security watch for their ambush ...

  3. Very exciting little scenario. Thanks!

  4. Nice report and excelletn photos, minis and terrain, as usual! I always enjoy these smaller actions. Shows you don't need a huge number of figures and lots of table space to have a fun game. (of course, big battalion games have an attraction of their own, too.)

  5. Here come the jagers to save the day . . . and the supply of brigands takes a beating.

    Well done, sir . . . and in 40mm no less!

    -- Jeff

  6. Just started looking at your blog - very entertaining !- as I'm starting to do some SpencerSmith miniatures with an idea to do some OSW . Which rules do you favour in your games ?

  7. Moss Trooper,
    I can honestly say that there are many, many excellent rules sets for this period.
    The two I prefer are Koenig Krieg and Battles of the Ancien Regime ... both of which are aimed at battalions as the basic unit, and both of which are easily modified to either grandiose or minuscule scales!

  8. Thanks for info , will investigate them , have you tryed Grant's 'The Wargame' rules ?

  9. MossTrooper,

    I currently use two sets of rules for my 18C games.

    1. for larger battles I use Weight of Fire (freely downloadable).
    2. for my skirmish games I'm using a set of rules that I've developed based on a set of FIW Rules I downloaded.

    As Frankfurter says there is a good selection rulesets out there; maybe use the ones from Charge or The Wargame - try out a few and settle for one you like.

    -- Allan