Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Report on The Army of the Duchy of Fenwick

A report to his majesty King Leopold IV from his ambassador to Fenwick.

Fenwick is a heavily populated Dukedom, with plenty of manpower to call upon for the army. The army currently comprises:

Guard Troops: Guard Horse Grenadiers,2 battalions of Foot Guards

Line Troops: 2 Heavy Horse regiments, 4 Regiment of Dragoons, 1 Regiment of Hussars, 12 Regiments of Infantry, 1 Battalion of Jagers, 6 Batteries of Artillery

Garrison Troops: 6 battalions.

All the troops are of good quality, most of them being veterans (a large number of them having served as mercenary troops for other nations). They are mostly attired in red coated uniforms with a variety of facing colours.

The Duke has recalled all his troops on foreign service, having paid the contract cancellation fees. He has however retained his commitment to provide for the garrisoning of Tippelbruder, which comprises 1 Battalion of infantry and 1 battery of artillery.

In addition to the above forces there is the Wittenberg Legion, which has currently finished muster. It's service uniforms are being delivered shortly. The Legion comprises: 2 battalions of infantry, 1 regiment of dragoons and 1 battery of artillery. The Duke has stated that as soon as it is ready the Legion will march to take up its initial positions in our province of Lower Belgravia at the border town of Gugenstadt.

The Duke has informed me that the army is currently deployed to counter any potential threat from Stagonia. The forts along the border with Monrovia are fully garrisoned and provisioned.

Count Johann Naffov
(Wittenberg's ambassador to Fenwick)


  1. Impressive!
    Looking forward to discover illustrations of all these brave troops.

    (The Legion Britannique will hardly suffice as a model?)

  2. An excellent assortment of troops. Can't wait to see these lads...Bill

  3. The first ones off the block will be the Wittenberg Legion. I have 2 battalions of RSMs waiting in the lead pile, plus some artillery which is nearly finished. I have to buy up the figs for the regiment of dragoons.

    -- Allan

  4. The uniforms of the Wittenberg legion will use some of those from the Hanoverian Legion Britannique (saves me a bit of design work)

    -- Allan