Wednesday 31 December 2008

Accident at Heidelheim (?)

While tidying up my modelling desk I found the uncompleted breach section of my fort hiding at the back of the desk, so I thought I better finish it off ...

The citizens of HeidelHeim in Upper Belgavia were woken early in the morning by a thunderous noise - a gunpowder store in the fortifications had exploded. The store was built into the main wall. Patrols on the walls have been doubled and the garrison put on alert.

The garrison commander and the officer of engineers inspect the damage and see how the engineers are progressing with repairs.

The explosion is suspicious. It is rumoured that the remains of the perpetrator were found, a tattered black cloak and a rather burnt pair of boots containing his feet.


  1. Where did you get your town walls and bastions? Are they Miniature Building Authority?

  2. Here it is New Year's Eve . . . and dare I say that in Wittenberg, "the game's afoot"?

    Have a great new year!

    -- Jeff

  3. Very nicely done "diorama" and story-line.


  4. The town walls and bastions are all scratch built using cardboard, foamboard and printed stone paper.

    For details refer to my Fort Project postings for May/Jun 2008 available in the blog archive

    -- Allan

  5. Happy New Year ALlan,

    I love your breach and the accompanying narrative! Nicely done on both counts.

    Best Regards,


  6. Very enjoyable visuals and story, as always!


  7. Wonderful work! Inspiring layout and fortress- I love the breach effect!

    I've downloaded the picture onto my desktop as a reminder to myself to get cracking on suitable terrain. The unpainted resin houses on a green check table cloth on the kitchen tables that I'm currently having to use just don't cut it! : (

  8. Very nice fortifications...I just discovered your 18th century blogs...great to see your efforts in that direction... in addition to ECW!


  9. I really like the fortifications, and the storyline. Nothing like a pair of smoky boots to cause intrigue.

  10. The Breach is excellent!

    I am glad that the whole project worked out so well for you!