Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Far Far Away ....

A little bit of imagineering follows - excellent opportunities for gaming

Many years ago the Wittenberg merchants, using contacts made via the Duchy of Fenwick, bought large numbers of shares in the East India Company; also heavily investing in the Carribean sugar industry.

Due to these contacts adventurers and merchants representatives from Wittenberg and nearby states headed abroad to these 'lands of opportunity'. A trading presence was established on the Caribbean island of Jamaica; also in India at Calcutta. In both cases these growing communities existed under the protection of Britannia. Due to the increasing tension and conflict between Britannia and Gallia, in their attempts to control the Carribean and extend their influence in India, there had been a drop in profits. The merchants alarmed by their recent losses and the potential future losses, petitioned the King of Wittenberg for action. Since he too relied in part on these profits to finance the extravagances of the court, discussions were held with Brittania's ambassador, Lord William de Walloughby. A consequence of this was the drawing up of a treaty with Wittenberg and Fenwick for the following:

a. Provision of three battalions of infantry (with an option for a fourth), to be
known as 'His Britannic Majesty's Colonial German Legion'. These would serve in the
Carribean or in the Indies.

b. In addition the money to build and man a fast pursuit ship (with an option for a
second), to counter the predations of Gallian privateers in the Carribbean.


  1. Intringuing and promising!
    For some reason Monte-Cristo -or al least Louys personally- is specially interested in oversea events...

  2. Got the "pirate bug", eh?

    So soon we will perhaps be seeing some photos of naval action perhaps?

    -- Jeff