Saturday, 27 September 2008

40mm - Wagons and Carts

Firstly two wagons, the one on the left I finished a couple of months ago, this was scratch built from card on a wheelset of a gypsy caravan. - the horse is a small 54mm one. The one on the right is new - horse and parts for this were sourced from a toy bits box at a car boot sale.

Two carts below, these are modified ones from a farm playset bought at Woolworths (£1.99 each). The wheels have been replaced and moved more to the centre of the cart.

The 'wagoneers' and the contents of the carts and wagons have been made as neutral as possible so they can pass for 18C or act as baggage for my 17C ECW armies.


  1. What are these car boot sales? Literally a car boot sale?

    Sweet. You find some great stuff at those.

  2. Allan,

    All four carts are quite nice . . . and they will work for quite a range of centuries.

    Together they will make a nice supply train.

    -- Jeff

    PS, I still like that background.

  3. Jerry,

    'Car Trunk' == UK english 'Car Boot'.'Car Boot' sales are like a market, you get some traders, and also people go along and sell stuff they don't want from their homes 'out of their car boot', most of them put stuff out on folding tables.

    I find these events a good source of bits for my hobbies, one time I found a box of assorted 28mm Front Rank Figurines.

    My other favourite thing to go to are 'Toy and Train' fairs. These are special trading markets for model railroad, dolls, cars etc. Sometimes I get some oddmment figs - last year I got some Minifigs 25mm horses.

    -- Allan

  4. Yeah, bet he got that back ground a car boot sale too! We need those here.