Saturday, 26 April 2008

Wittenberg - at the palace

Scene: the throne room. Count Herman of Munster has returned from the Duchy of Fenwick and is in discussion with King Leopold IV.

King: A successful visit to Fenwick then dear Count ?

Count: Yes your majesty. your sister Alice and Duke Maurice are now married - I attended the ceremony before I left. Your sister really loved that Meissen tea service you sent for a present. The happy couple are off for a tour round Fenwick, then they will be visiting us here.

King: I would love to see the look on King Francis of Monrovia's face when he hears the news.

Count: I bet he will have another temper tantrum.

King: So we've stopped Monrovia from getting round our northern flank.

Count: Yes, even if Monrovia tried it they'd have to reduce the border forts and then face the Fenwick army; giving us plenty of time to come to their aid.

King: Did you here the news from Tippelbruder?

Count:Yes, it reached me while I was in Fenwick. Duke Maurice was pleased we'd been involved in defeating the Stagonian punishment force.

King: Ah, Brother James has just arrived .. we need to show him those strange papers which were recovered recently when a Uhlan patrol captured some brigands. Borther James come with us to the library ...

[Note: the throne room backdrop is the one in Buckingham Palace]


  1. Your picture dioramas are always a pleasure.

  2. Warmly seconded!

  3. As usual, your photos are wonderful. I wish that we all could take such pains to make ours look as good.

    -- Jeff

  4. I'm glad you are all enjoying the photos. With the new digital camera I got last year I have more resolution on the piccies and can manipulate them better.

    For the scene in the throne room I just propped up a guide book I had, put something the right height in front and posed the figures. It took me about half an hour to finish off the picture, the awkward bit was getting the carpet to look right around the figures feet (some fiddly cutting and pasting - I expect it could be done more quickly with some better photo software)

    -- Allan