Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wittenberg - the 'package' is on its way

At the palace a black coach pulled up outside one of the side entrances to the royal appartments. Count Hermann of Munster came out and gave the driver and footman their instructions.

The sound of a bugle signalled the readiness of the Uhlan escort. Four grenadiers carried out a large padlocked chest and secured it on top of the coach, they then mounted their horses and waited. After a short delay two women in black hooded cloaks, were ushered out of the entrance and into the coach. A number of servants bought out some luggage and loaded them onto the coach. One of the grenadiers checked the chest was secured correctly. The Count got into the coach and barked an order to the driver to move off.

The coach left the palace and joined it's escort. A sound of laughter was heard from the coach - the Count was obviously entertaining the ladies with one of his stories. The coach and escort headed north.

The coach and it's escort is seen below, later in the day, leaving the Duke of Escherstadt's hunting lodge after stopping for lunch ...


  1. Hmmmm. What could be in the package?

    Best Regards,


  2. More and more intringuing...

    Who will receive the package?

    We already know (a little, SO little actually) about Lady Pettygree and Milady de Winter: other hooded women, or one of them? Maybe one is Monte-Cristan?


  3. Cool buildings, coach and other minis!


  4. Yes, the building is wonderful . . . very Germanic looking . . . and I love the trees as well.

    As always, I appreciate your dioramic eye.

    -- Jeff

  5. Your dioramic pictures are always a pleasure to view.