Saturday, 13 October 2007

Duchy of Fenwick - Uniforms

Recently a small force of the Army of the Duchy of Fenwick have been mustering, some say they are troops being raised for service elsewhere; they could be troops which are going to be sent to join the League against Stagonia in the defence of Freistadt Tippelbruder. However the force is bigger than that which had been promised - maybe some other country has requested mercenary troops.

The above uniforms are based on the Legion Brittanique of Hanover.

[uniform templates from]


  1. Potential foes of Stagonia? Well done, Fenwick! Well done. Those vile Stagonians deserve a sound thrashing.

    -- a Saxe-Bearstein noble

  2. Yes, and we do hope it will happen in the vicinity of Tippelbruder too! Should be good for the tourist trade in the future... ;-)