Sunday, 4 December 2016

Trees !

On a visit to a recent Toy&Train fair  I spotted a box of plastic trees - some part made, the rest in bits. After having a gander I could see that they were worth a punt and coughed up £15 for the box.

On return the box was emptied and an initial sort through done ...
a further hour of assembly, yielded 12 small trees, 3 small Britains trees, 16 Merit trees and 5 large Britains trees...
a great buy and worth the time assembling them. The large trees will find their way onto my 1/24 scale model railway layout.


  1. That's a good haul for the money ! , Tony

  2. Looks like what you folks across the pond call "value for money", eh? A nice assortment of trees, like a little garden nursery.

  3. Well that looks like good value!