Friday, 30 December 2016

Plans for the future ......

Plenty of things to work on and games to play. Main things on the horizon are ....
  • More on table action with solo games - Monrovian v Fenwick trade wars to start with. Need to make up some more small boats for this.
  • Continue with my 17C sculpt, cast and paint project. Will be busy in the new year making moulds and casting - then onto painting the new units.... after that start the 17C campaign ..
  • Looking at a possible Sculpt & Cast for 18C in 40mm; initially will be a march attack musketeer (with possible alternate heads), initial stages of the 'green'..
  • Tidy and finish some secondary project items (WW2 tanks & transport, WW1 planes …)
  • Add a few things to my 54mm Romans and Gauls collection
  • Finish armies for Wittenberg's and Monrovia's allies (in 28mm) ---> Wittenberg's ally the Duchy of Fenwick and Monrovia's ally the Duchy of Noverre.
  • A new 40mm army that could be used in both the 17C & 18C - maybe something along the lines of a Polish or Balkan army. I'll be sculpting and casting for some the of fgiures for this, could take a while to get this moving.  For a start I have made up the commander and his escort for this army, using some Irregular Miniatures croats and a cossack on suitable horses..
Lots to do !  😃

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