Sunday, 22 May 2016

slow, oh so slow ...

Everything seems to be going slowly on the hobby front - lots of stuff on the go, but not much finished...

My main gaming project at the moment is 17C Pike & Shot sculpt and cast in 40mm, while I'm doing this other things are moving along in the background
- I have some 18C civilians on the go, getting close to finishing these.
- for my dark age Saxons I have about 15 civilians and 15 fyrd on the painting table
- some WW2 vehicles, plus a bofors gun - mostly made up from Airfix kits (and a few other kits to build)
- I've been busy sorting out my garden railway for the summer running season, just the track to clean so I can run my electric powered locos.

1 comment:

  1. Slow? I'm always amazed at the amount of great stuff you get finished AND have time to photograph and show us. Thanks.