Saturday, 9 January 2016

Coming up for 2016....

I've plenty to do and the current main project project plans for 2016 are:
  • Crack on with re-purposing my ECW collection for a mid 1640s TYW europe imagi-nations conflict.
  • Finish reworking my 40mm SYW period collection. For the Saxe-Jarlsberg army - two infantry units are awaiting basing and one cavalry unit to paint. Then its onto the Wittenberg army - using uniforms for Saxony during 1740's; two new infantry regiments to add and some tweaking to the others.
  • 'Pulp' in the 18th Century - basic ruleset to be completed, lost of edits left from the initial tryout games, then next iteration etc
  • Continue working on my Out in India 28mm project
  • A few additions to my Saxons and Vikings


  1. What no tanks? And I hope we see a full scale Wittenberg battle before the year is out!

    1. I am currently reviewing my WW2 collection - some tidying to do and a few things to add there as well.
      Another campaign ? I expect more trouble in the Hoflandt with Saxe-Jarlsberg's beligerence.

  2. VERY interested and intrigued to see more of the 18th C 'Pulp' (plus all the other things as well obviously !)

    1. The pulp rules I am developing are based on my skirmish rules and I have the basic mechanisms in place - a few more play tests are needed. Add some factions - spys, secret societies etc - its a project with lots of potential