Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Future stuff ....

Just a quick note to indicate the direction my gaming projects are going in ....

On the hobby front most of my existing projects have reached 'completion', however along with the usual sorts of story lines and games to play I've still plenty to do. The only project which requires lots of figures to add is gathering the armies for my 18C India Colonial wars.

I'm doing a complete review of all my scenic items; will be refurbishing/replacing as needed, top of the list at the moment - river sections.

Some of my new projects in the pipe line
  • in the startup stage -'Pulp' in the 18th Century; currently working on some rules based on my skirmish set. Have done a couple of tryout games.
  • in the concept stage - 17th Century Pike & Shot - an 'Imagi-Nations' setup somewhere in Europe set just after the Thirty Years war;  re-using as much of the ECW collection as I can.
  • in the early concept stage - 18C French Indian Wars.
Storage was becoming limited, so I've been doing a lot of sorting out and re-organising. Some old things have gone in the bin and I've managed to clear enough space to store currently planned new stuff and allow for some expansion to current collections.

I've some other modelling projects in the pipeline, I'll put some of these on the relevant blog as I work on them.

However the most pressing issue is the wargame table; this is getting rather 'tired'. The fabric gaming surface is getting bit worn and faded; the other major issue is its weight - over engineered when built - and now to heavy to lift without risking a hernia. So a revamped lighter weight table with new surface and scenic backdrops is on the cards.


  1. Hi Allan it is certainly a good thing to periodically asses our progress- and yes, making way for new things too is a definite buzz. Have always enjoyed Your Sites with what You have achieved. Regards. KEV.

  2. This all sounds very promising...I marvel at your discipline in keeping future projects limited to 3.

  3. It sounds interesting, Alan. I feel the Georgian age will always inspire collectors to achieve even greater elegance in miniature, its what makes it special. Michael