Sunday, 19 January 2014

A little more display space ....

Managed to find a smaller display cabinet (about 21 x 15 inches) that fitted in my last available wall space in the gaming room; the plan was to use it for my and Wittenberg staff vignettes and all my civilians etc.
The main use staff vignettes and Wittenberg palace related items ....
The addition of this cabinet frees some space in my main cabinets to allow for 3 new infantry and 1 new cavalry regiment for Wittenberg.


  1. This looks great. Figures look so much nicer displayed in cabinets. I have my eye on some flat cabinets on ebay, used for railway engine displays I think.

  2. That's a lovely job - I've become very weird about display cabinets since i discovered that some of my flags were fading in the sunlight. My main cabinet has black curtains fitted (so no-one can see the soldiers normally) and I'm making increased use of box files, which is a completely non-display storage method. Yes - I know, I know - it's silly that my soldiers can't be enjoyed except on the tabletop, but

    (a) my figures are not as beautiful as yours, and

    (b) weird is sort of OK, if it works

  3. Nice little cabinet. Looks like the figures show off very well in it.