Saturday, 1 June 2013

40mm: sorting out the lead pile ...

I've been having a sort out of the 40mm lead pile awaiting painting, I have two regiments of Prince August infantry ready for painting to add to the Saxe-Jarlsberg forces.

My existing garrison cy (in red), has received a standard bearer and drummer, and I've bought another garrison cy unit of Front Rank AWI Hessians. One will be allocated to each side.

For the Wittenberg forces I also had 60+ Creartec grenadiers waiting replacement heads (with assorted officers from a number of makes and some home casts); I decided on one unit with Front Rank AWI hessian grenadier heads and the other with Sash&Sabre heads - so for the last couple of days I have been fixing on new heads.

Upgraded/new units on parade before marching off into their storage boxes prior to being painted.

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