Thursday, 25 April 2013

40mm: Work in progress

I've recently done a casting session for a new infantry batallion plus some others for conversions; this brings the lead mountain up to 4 battalions to paint - 2 for Wittenberg and 2 for Saxe-Jarlsberg.
I also bought the officer with spyglass from the Front Rank AWI artillery crew, I was going to put it to one side, but decided to get on and paint it. While I was at it I decided to empty out the spares box and do a few conversions - this'll give me a couple of extra mounted & dismounted officers, plus 3 more engineers/pioneers - not to mention a dog and a horse. They wait patiently for their primer ...


  1. Lots of work to do there !, like the conversions

  2. Interesting additions which I look forward to seeing painted and on the field of battle...