Saturday, 8 December 2012

Liebster Blog Award: I've won a Lobster ?

Scene at the house of Heinrich Kessel author of the pamphlet  'Liasons Secretes dans Le Palais' has just received a letter and has rushed into the drawing room to talk to his wife Mimi
Heinrich: Mimi I've won a Lobster!
Mimi: That'll make a lovely meal; let me see the letter - no silly you've misread it - you've been nominated for the Liebster pamphleteer award
Heinrich: Oh .... I was looking forward to eating the lobster.

Heinrich returned to his desk and added the award nomination to the end of the draft of his current pamphlet along with a list of nominees for his five favourite pamphlets.
- Journals of a Gigolo, Wilhelm Winkleman
- Famagusta Fraternitas (philosophical diversions), Andre Michel
- Oh My Hat (the latest on headwear fashions),  Ernst Schnürsenkel-Hut
- Down with Powdered Wigs, Georg von Haarigerkopf
- Freedom for Pigs,Lady Veronica Swinehoe
Then he drafted letters to his nominees.  He took the draft of the pamphlet to his printers and paid a runner to deliver the letters

Later that afteroon their was a heavy knock on the front door, Heinrich opened the door to find two rather large and intimidating palace guards. They had arrived to take him and his wife to the palace - he had been summoned to the presence of the King. The Kesssels were led to the coach which set off for the palace. On their arrival they were led into the main entrance hall, and then by a servant to the throne room. They waited nervously, the King finished talking to one of his advisors and then they were called forward - Heinrich bowed rather stiffly and Mimi curtsied awkwardly.
King: Aah, Herr Kessel and his wife have arrived. What have you to say for yourself Herr Kessel ?
Heinrich: You Majesty I meant no disrespect - my pamplet is just news about goings on at the palace with a little humour thrown in..
the king looked at Kessel rather sternly, then smiled
King: Do not be worried Herr Kessel I await with delight for its publication it is my favourite of all the pamphlets. I have awarded you a small stipend to support your writing.
Heinrich: Thankyou your majesty
King: Is there any other small token you would like ?
Heinrich: If it may please you majesty could we have some lobsters ?

Later that even the Kessel's sat down to a nice lobster meal ....


Well now back to the Liebster award,

Thanks to the following for nominations for the Liebster Blog Award from:
I'm using a single post here to cover all my nominated blogs - to save repeating myself.

"The rules:
- "Copy and paste" the award on your blog, and talk about it a bit.
- Select for the award your five favourite blogs with less than 200 followers, leaving a comment on one of their post to notify them that they have won the award. You need also to list them in your own blog.
- Enjoy the moment, knowing that you have just made someone's day.
- Of course, there is no obligation to pass the award, but it is a good deed really."

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  1. Congrats and thank you for the nomination!

    Best Regards,


  2. Thank you very very much Allan!,

  3. You merit the award, really. I adore your output of painted figures and the way, how you present us them with exquisite photos!
    What kind of figures are them in the palace? They look great!
    Regards, Monseigneur

  4. Scheck,

    the figures I use in the palace settings are all 25/28/30mm from various ranges - Minfigs, Jacdaw, Foundry, Front Rank, Willie, Tradition, Old Glory, Redoubt and Blue Moon.